MoveBit Partners with MoveDID to secure DID protocol on the MOVE ecosystem

2 min readDec 2, 2022

MoveBit is delighted to announce the partnership with MoveDID. MoveBit is a blockchain security company that aims to secure the Move ecosystem with manual audit and formal verification.

MoveDID is DID protocol that is compatible with Aptos/Sui/Starcoin and follows w3c specification. The whole team has rich experience in the development of DID Protocol and Move language. They are committed to promoting the development of the DID protocol and making it used in the unified identity of the future web3 society.

That is to say, DID Protocol aims to be the basis for building the next generation of large-scale Web3 finance and the foundation for building the next generation of Web3 Society. Facing large-scale users is both Move-Chains’ vision and DID’s vision.

To achieve this vision, MoveBit hopes to provide the most professional security advice for DID Protocol and assist MoveDID to design a complete set of DID solutions for the entire Move ecosystem (Aptos/Sui/Starcoin). MoveBit will conduct the security audit with manual audits and also perform formal verification with the Move Prover.

About MoveDID

MoveDID is the first DID protocol on the Move ecosystem, which is compatible with Move-based blockchain networks, including Aptos, Sui, and Starcoin. The vision of MoveDID is to be the foundation for the next generation of large-scale Web3 finance and Web3 society. Also, MoveDID could be used for 3 types of subjects: human, organization, and bot.

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About MoveBit

MoveBit is a security company for the Move ecosystem with a vision to make the Move ecosystem the most secure Web3 destination. The MoveBit team is composed of security leaders from academia and enterprise with 10 years of security experience. The team was one of the earliest contributors to the Move ecosystem, working with Move developers to set the standard for secure Move applications.

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